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A Mothers Love

No surprise when a MILF has a cunt that is been stretched past its limits, but how to explain such an elastic ass? After fucking her own pussy with her fist, this depraved whore is ready to ram her fist deep into her ass. When she manages to fist both her fuck holes, no man will be able to hold onto his load.

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She can deep throat or take cocks in her cunt or ass, but she is never been fisted. After they ruin her pussy with their mammoth cocks, her lovers suggest something new...a little pussy and ass fisting training.

Pretty in Pink

This little cocktease must have studied magic, because she knows how to make her own fist disappear in her cunt. Dress her up in pink and shell reward you by stuffing huge toys into her fuck tunnel. You're going to love watching this fist fucking slut work her magic inside her pussy stretching it up.

Whores Love to Fist

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MILFs Love Fisting Too

After having a few kids, who could blame this MILF because every fist vanishes inside her cunt in nothing flat? This dirty bitch needs to try something new, and her lesbian neighbor has the answer. If your pussy is ready to be retired, why not try a fist in the ass?

Porn Addict MILF

This blonde MILF is gonna get hers! When her husband comes home to discover she has wasted the day getting off to porn vids, he punishes her with a baseball bat shoved in her soaking wet cunt. But he shows his sensitive side by letting their neighbor ease her little fist into the lazy bitch is destroyed cunt.

Two-Way Impalement

This twisted little bitch is so fucking compliant that she gives her two lovers 24/7 access to any holes they desire. As she gags on her boyfriend is rock-hard cock, she raises her ass and invites her girlfriend is fist to explore her gaping pussy. There is nothing this crazed slut loves better than being skewered like a pig!

Table Top Teasing

When their husbands go out of town for the weekend, Rosa and Toi cook themselves an elegant dinner. After drenching her lover in olive oil, Rosa eases her fist into Toi is tight pussy. No dinner party would be complete without appetizers, and these nymphos consider pussy fisting to be the finest hors d oeuvre around.

Taking it the Hard Way

This deeply disturbed nympho just cant decide which way she prefers her cock: rammed into her cunt, or churning her anal chute. Fortunately, she is got two studs ready and willing to give her both at once. After they pass out from shooting their loads into greedy mouth, she is gonna have to explore her holes with her own fist.

Foaming at the Cunt

Hand her a baseball bat and this exotic beauty begins to foam with anticipation. After sliding that monster into her cunt, she begins to get some new ideas. It isnt long before she invites her lesbian neighbor over to plunge the depths with her nasty fist.

Fisting the Finn

This Finnish exchange student came here to learn English, but now she is taking advanced fisting lessons. After her teacher seduces lures her back to her place, the after-class exercises begin. You wont want to miss a moment of this exchange student is initiation!

Extra Credit Fisting

Now that this valedictorian is off to college, she is ready for some extra curricular action. Watch as her study hall partner impales her for the first time with her lithe lesbian fist.

Scandinavian Scandal

Lock these two pale-skinned beauties into the bathroom, and theyll figure out how to pass the probing each others cunts with their tiny little fists. After fist fucking themselves senseless, theyre ready for a break. How about a little piss play to cool down?

Custom Maid

This adorable Latina was hired to clean house, but her bosses found a better use for her ass and pussy. While taking a break from vacuuming, she wound up spreading every hole wide so they could have easy access to her body. If she consents to their perverted fisting demands, chances are shell never have to work again.

Ass to Mouth Experiment

These two freaks have figured out a new way to enjoy ass to mouth action. After Chanel lets her lover ream out her asshole, Brianna pops his filthy cock into her nasty mouth. Maybe they should try some fist to ass fun?

When Cougars Attack

This bored teenie is been fisting her pussy with the shades wide open. When the predatory housewife next door catches sight of the perverted display, she goes on the prowl. You wont believe how quickly the young nympho willingly spreads her thighs to allow this experienced cougar entry.

Depraved Housewife

When Brandi reveals that she is blessed with a queen-size clit, her friend Mary Jo reveals her own little secret: she is addicted to fisting first-timers and turning them into lesbian nymphos. Brandi decides to give it a whirl, and when she feels her clit become to purr like never before

Crossing the Line

Holly and Angela decided to model their new lingerie for each other. But after chugging down some cheap wine, Angela wants to experiment for the first time with some light Sapphic kissing. Too bad for her that Holly is in fact a manipulative lesbian bitch

Have Fist, Will Travel

This blonde bimbo was looking forward to a quiet night at home, but she couldnt resist the lure of her sweet little lesbo friend is invitation. A bottle of wine, a nasty porno, and before you know it, their arms have vanished inside each other is dripping cunts. Who needs a cock when your best friend is arm stays hard all night?

Fist First, Fuck Later

These self-absorbed lesbians just love to have their cunts and asses pried apart by the biggest and baddest sex toys. You wont be able to keep your hands off your cock as they end their perverted games with a little hot piss swallowing. Who needs a man when you have got enormous dildos and your girlfriend is fist?

Decadent Divorcees

These two MILF is were dumped by their hubbies for newer, younger models, but theyre going to have the last laugh. After suing the guys for all theyre worth, the nouveau riche sluts spend every day exploring each others cunts with their fists. Getting even can be such decadent fun!

Baseball Bat Bimbo

After training her naked pussy with her baseball bat, this blonde bimbo experiments with some depraved self fisting action. When her best friend stumbles upon the scene, she drops to her knees and begs to take over. Watch as these two depraved lesbians take turns abusing each other is cunts with their extreme fisting games.

Greedy Bitch

You would think that two hard cocks in one wet pussy would be more than enough for any woman. But this greedy bitch is cunt is insatiable. Only when she experiments with the barrel of a Louisville Slugger does this whore manage to climax.

Double Penetration

This little freak is so cock-obsessed that she must be possessed! Check out this pretty slut as she sucks cocks balls deep and engages in some extreme double penetration. But the night is not complete until her lovers penetrate her asshole with their powerful fists.

Dutch Dyke Plugging

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Au-Pair is Passion

Colette is finally alone after a week of minding a spoiled suburban brat. When she stumbles upon a teen fisting video, her imagination runs wild. Seeing Bobby is baseball bat in the corner, she cant resist prying her pussy lips as wide as they will go. © Tjeezers 2003-2010